Car MP3/MP4 Player-RC-08

Item No.: 2223

Product Description

Car MP3 player, New In Car MP3 Player & FM Modulator& digital watch, Fashionable and innovative design, you can enjoy HI-FI music in the car or boat, No need to change any original equipment, convenient and economic, this kind or MP3 player is a must for your car


l   Stylish and elegant designenjoy music on your own car

l   Line-in function, Record, and A-B replay

l   Turn-off memorizing function

l   Can be a Mobile disk

l   Four-in-one port for earphone, USB, charge, and Line-in

l   Built-in FM wireless transmitter


Memory capacity

l   512MB/1GB/2GBStores data via USB flash drive

EQ modes

l   Natural, Rock & Roll, pop, classical, soft, jazz, DBB


l   supported: MP3 and WMA MPEG1/2, Layer3 format, and audio files (32kbps ~ 320 kbps bit rate)

l   Sampling rate: 44.1 Kbps

l   Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20 KHz.

l   SNRSignal to Noise Ratio≥ 90dB

l   Earphone output: 5MW+5MW

FM wireless transmitter

l   FM wireless transmission, suit to be used in car, change Mp3 audio signal into FM signal and transmits wirelessly to the car radio. able to be used in every corner of the world

l   transmitting range: 88.1, 88.5, 88.9MHz

Memorizing function

l   If you turn off this device, the current song / frequency / volume / EQ mode will be saved and show again when you turn on it next time

Voice record

l   High quality recording, recorded files and saved as MP3 or WAV format

l   Line in record and A-B replay

Additional feature

l   Can be a mobile disk

l   Four-in-one 4-pin jack for earphone, USB, charge, and Line-in

Windows system requirements

l   Window98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Mac (8.6) or above.

Power and battery

l   180mAh/3.7V lithium cell rechargeable battery.

l   Battery working time: 5 - 8 hours

Size and weight

l   Product dimension (mm):260 x50 x 20

l   Unit Weight: 450g

Manufacturer and Origin

l   China

Available color

l   Black

Package included

l   1 x brand new car MP3 player

l   1 x USB data line

l   1 x ordinary charger

l   1 x car charger

l   1 x user manual

l   1 x Driver disk

l   1 x earphone