Alienware M17x is the Fastest Ever Gaming Laptop

Item No.: 1805

Product Description

Unlike Desktop PCs, gaming on laptop has never took off as it should have. The main problem is the slow processors that are used in notebooks. With a few exceptions of some Dell XPS laptops, there aren’t many fast Laptops available that can run games smoothly. However, that is soon to change as Alienware, a renowned name in portable device industry is to launch the world’s fastest 17 inch gaming laptop ever. Alienware M17x is a 17 inch notebook with a cutting edge design and features. It features 8GB of DDR32 1333MHz Memory and a SSD that’s either single or dual up of up to 1TB. The Alienware M17x is your best choice to play intense games on laptop. The M17x is powered by Quad Core extreme mobile processor, the fastest quad core processor with over-clocking capabilities.

The laptop is capable of providing HD video output, thanks to its 1920×1200 LCD screen. The graphics are powered by nVidia’s GeForece SLI technology supporting graphics cards. You can hook up two graphics cards and get a freame-rich gaming experience – thanks to the SLI technology. Alienware M17x has something they call as the BinaryGFX. With Alienware’s BinaryGFX technology, users have the ability to switch between discrete or integrated graphics.