Cordless Desktop® LX 710 Laser

Item No.: 1170

Product Description

Comfort - Take it easy.
* Soft-Touch Surfaces: Reduce fatigue with support that’s smooth to the touch.
* 3-Way Adjustable Tilt Legs: Customize your keyboard angle.

Convenience - Simplify life.
* Reliable Wireless: Enjoy fast 27 MHz wireless performance.
* One-Touch Controls: Access music, video, volume, email, IM and more.
* Programmable F-Keys: Easily set them to open favorite apps, sites or files.
* Windows Vista™ Ready: Make the most of the Start key and handy DocFlip controls—also great with Windows® XP.

Mouse Precision - Go exactly where you want to go.
* Laser Engine: Get accuracy in all applications on virtually any surface.
* Tilt Wheel plus Zoom™: Go side to side or in and out on photos and spreadsheets alike.

Item No: Cordless Desktop® LX 710 Laser